Placeholders that hook into PlaceholderAPI plugin

You can use the following placeholders from PlaceholderAPI:

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_score% - Returns player score in tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_position% - Returns player position in tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_leader_name_<POSITION>% - Returns player name in a specific position.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_leader_score_<POSITION>% - Returns player score in a specific position.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_time_remaining% - Returns time remaining for tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_start_month% - Returns start month for tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_start_month_number% - Returns start month number for tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_end_month% - Returns end month for tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_end_month_number% - Returns end month number for tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_start_day% - Returns start day number for tournament.

  • %xltournaments_<TOURNAMENT ID>_end_day% - Returns end day number for tournament.

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