Fetch data from PlaceholderAPI into DeluxeHub

PlaceholderAPI allows you to use placeholders from the server, BungeeCord or various plugins across Spigot into DeluxeHub. The following guides below requires PlaceholderAPI to be installed.

Displaying your Group

To display your rank name, prefix, suffix or more, you need a permissions plugin.

Vault Expansion

If you use GroupManager or PermissionsEx for example, you'll need the Vault plugin and the Vault expansion from PlaceholderAPI. To download the Vault expansion, simply do these commands:

/papi ecloud download Vault
/papi reload

Then you can use %vault_rank% in the DeluxeHub config to display your group name. See all Vault placeholders here:

LuckPerms Expansion

If you use LuckPerms, you'll require the LuckPerms expansion. Simply do these commands to download the expansion:

/papi ecloud download LuckPerms
/papi reload

LuckPerms Placeholders:

Displaying BungeeCord Data

To display BungeeCord data such as the total number of players or number of players on a specific server, you'll require the Bungee expansion from PlaceholderAPI.

/papi ecloud download Bungee
/papi reload

There are only two placeholders in this expansion which are:

  • %bungee_total% - Returns total number of players on the proxy.

  • %bungee_<servername>% - Returns amount of players on a specified server.

For example, to display the player count on your "factions" server, you can do %bungee_factions%. This is assuming it's named specifically "factions" in your BungeeCord configuration.

If you want to display information such as if the server is online or not, you can use the Pinger expansion. Make sure to also download following the same commands as above as it is not included in the Bungee expansion.

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