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Welcome to the DeluxeHub Documentation. Here you can find all the documentation to fully configure and utilise DeluxeHub.

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Server Requirements

Server Software

You will need either Spigot, Paper or a similar fork (of Spigot) which will ensure DeluxeHub runs smoothly on your server with no issues. Bukkit/CraftBukkit is not supported.

Server Version

DeluxeHub has been tested and supported on versions between 1.8.8 - 1.17.x. Versions out of this range may not recieve support. Most updates, however, are primarily tested on the latest version of Spigot.

Installation Process

Downloading the Latest Build

Download the latest build of DeluxeHub via the resource page here and put the file into your \plugins directory of your server. Make sure your server is offline before doing this.

Loading DeluxeHub

Start your server and once fully loaded, a new folder named DeluxeHub should have been created in your \plugins directory. If no folder has been found, ensure you have installed the plugin correctly by looking in your console for any errors.

Configuring the Plugin

Once installed, you can navigate to the DeluxeHub folder (in your plugins folder) where you will find multiple files of which you can edit to configure the plugin to your liking. You can find all the default files here.

Reloading the Plugin

Simply do /deluxehub reload after you have made changes to the configuration files and ensure that the file has also been saved. This will load any new changes made to the files into the plugin.

If you receive any errors upon reloading, you most likely have a configuration error. This can be from invalid material names to having invalid YAML syntax. Please try to solve these issues before contacting us, this is a problem with your modifications. You can use this site to parse your configuration for YAML errors.

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