# XLTournaments Messages

  prefix: "&8[&bTournaments&8]"
  reload: "{PREFIX} &aThe plugin has reloaded successfully."
  no_permission: "&cYou do not have permission to execute this command."
    - ""
    - "&b&lXLTournaments &fv{VERSION}"
    - "&7&oBy ItsLewizzz"
    - ""
    - "&f/tournament help &8- &7&oDisplay the help message"
    - "&f/tournament reload &8- &7&oReload the configuration"
    - "&f/tournament update &8- &7&oForce all tournaments to update"
    - "&f/tournament list &8- &7&oList all enabled tournaments"
    - "&f/tournament info <tournament> &8- &7&oDisplay information about the tournament"
    - "&f/tournament clear <tournament> &8- &7&oClear all users in a tournament"
    - ""

  force_updated_tournaments: "{PREFIX} &aYou have forcefully updated all active tournaments."
  already_participating: "{PREFIX} &cYou are already participating in this tournament."
  not_enough_funds: "{PREFIX} &cYou do not have enough funds to enter this tournament. You need &a$&f{AMOUNT}&c."
  waiting: "{PREFIX} &cThis tournament is currently waiting to start."
  ended: "{PREFIX} &cThis tournament has already ended."
  cleared: "{PREFIX} &7You have removed all users in the {TOURNAMENT} tournament."
  list: "{PREFIX} &7Enabled tournaments: &a{LIST}"

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