Action Types

Actions which are used throughout the plugin

These are used in the configuration files that allow you to run different types of actions.

Action Types

Click on these actions to find out more information and examples on how to use them!

Player Chat Message

Sends a message to the player

Syntax: [MESSAGE] <message> Example: [MESSAGE] Hello %player%! Welcome to this server!

Server Broadcast Message

Broadcast a message to all online players

Syntax: [BROADCAST] <message> Example: [BROADCAST] &eHello all players!

Player Title Message

Display a title message to the player

Syntax: [TITLE] <title;subtitle;fadein;stay;fadeout> Example: [TITLE] &6Welcome &9%player%;&eto ExampleMC!;3;5;3

Player ActionBar Message

Display an actionbar message to the player

Syntax: [ACTIONBAR] <message> Example: [ACTIONBAR] &eWelcome to the server %player%!

Player Sound

Play a sound to the player Sound list:

Syntax: [SOUND] <sound> Example: [SOUND] ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP

Player Gamemode

Set the gamemode for the player

Syntax: [GAMEMODE] <gamemode> Example: [GAMEMODE] CREATIVE

Player Potion Effect

Give the player a potion effect

Syntax: [EFFECT] <effect;level> Example: [EFFECT] SPEED;3

Player Inventory Open

Open a custom GUI

Syntax: [MENU] <menu id> Example: [MENU] serverselector

Player Inventory Close

Closes an open inventory the player has open. There is no arguments for this action unlike the rest.

Syntax: [CLOSE] Example: [CLOSE]

Player BungeeCord Send

Send the player to a specficied BungeeCord server on your network

Syntax: [BUNGEE] <server> Example: [BUNGEE] factions

Player Command Execute

Execute a command from the player

Syntax: [COMMAND] <command> Example: [COMMAND] warp spawn

Console Command Execute

Execute a command from console

Syntax: [CONSOLE] <command> Example: [CONSOLE] give %player% diamond_shovel 1

If you want to teleport a player to another world for multi-world servers using Multiverse-Core use [CONSOLE] mvtp %player% survival

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