# XLTournaments
# Author: ItsLewizzz
# Copyright (c) Lewis D 2021. All Rights Reserved.

  # Valid types are SQLITE or MYSQL
  type: SQLITE

  # Only applicable if MYSQL storage type is selected
    host: "localhost"
    port: 3306
    username: "root"
    password: ""
    database: ""
    use_ssl: true

# Command aliases to the main /tournament command
# ** You will need to restart your server if you edit this list **
  - xlt
  - tournaments

# Should we integrate TokenEnchant into the BLOCK_BREAK objective?
tokenenchant_explode_event: false

# Only applicable for PLACEHOLDERAPI objective type
# How many ticks until we fetch new data?
placeholderapi_objective_task_update: 60

# Should we exclude placed blocks from counting towards the BLOCK_BREAK objective?
exclude_placed_blocks: true

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