# Language file
config_reload: "&6&l[!]&r &eThe configuration files have been reloaded in &f%time%ms&e."
invalid_player: "&c&l[!]&r &cThe player &f%player% &cis invalid or offline."
invalid_color: "&c&l[!]&r &cThe color &f%color% &cis invalid. Valid colors are RED, GREEN or BLUE."
border_already_selected: "&c&l[!]&r &cYou already have your border set to this color."
border_not_enabled: "&c&l[!]&r &cYou need to enable the island border to select a color."
cooldown_active: "&c&l[!]&r &cYou must wait &f%time% seconds &cbefore you can do this again."
red_border_selected: "&6&l[!]&r &eYou have selected the &c&lRED&r &eisland border color."
green_border_selected: "&6&l[!]&r &eYou have selected the &a&lGREEN&r &eisland border color."
blue_border_selected: "&6&l[!]&r &eYou have selected the &b&lBLUE&r &eisland border color."
other_player_color_set: "&6&l[!]&r &eYou have set a &f%color% &eisland border color for &f%player%&e."
border_toggle_on: "&6&l[!]&r &eYou have &a&nenabled&r &ethe island border."
border_toggle_off: "&6&l[!]&r &eYou have &c&ndisabled&r &ethe island border."